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Our History

Housing in Sylvan Hills west (between Murphy Avenue and Sylvan Road) reflects the clustered cottage or bungalow style typical to pre-WWII construction while Sylvan Hills east (between Sylvan Hills and I-75/85) housing generally reflects the 1950’s and 60’s larger lot single-story ranch style. Yet, “in-fill” construction over the years has created more than a few surprises on many of Sylvan Hills’ streets.

Katherwood Street

Katherwood Street, Winter 2009

For example, Sylvan Hills’ Brewer Boulevard is home to a Lustron home, a completely metal and now historic home built around 1950. Also, due to our proximity to the U.S. Army’s Fort McPherson, the Sylvan Circle apartments off of Perkerson Road at Sylvan Road were originally built as additional housing for fort personnel during WWII. Future development plans include replacing the Sylvan Circle apartments with an upscale, contemporary apartment complex.

Traveling farther north on Sylvan Road, visitors will see evidence of one of the neighborhood’s first commercial districts in the block between Harte and Victory Drives, currently home to several churches and a Curves fitness establishment.

Sylvan Hills Home

Sylvan Hills Home

Another commercial district with retail—the Crossroads Shopping Center—was developed in the 60’s on Metropolitan Parkway (at Lakewood Ave. Standing in the Crossroads Shopping Center parking provides amazing views of Atlanta’s downtown skyline.

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